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About Us

The Advanced Technology Company is an active and leading business company with the objective to serve a broad range of industries with customer satisfaction.

The Advanced Technology Company is unique in the breath and depth of its activities. The main factor of our success has been achieved through its quality services, complete technical assistance, high operational reliability and strong relationship with its customer. This makes us easy to respond local customer needs

Grown With Love on ATC Company

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering  with 45 years of experience in Kuwait in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plants. Executed numerous project in varying scale covering the Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning together with overall project management.

Mr. M. G Unnikrishnan Nair

Managing Director


Business with our worldwide has encompassed an array of successful venture with supply need fulfilled and strong relationship.
Our team of dedicated specialists will take care of all aspects of the supply chain management process, ensuring the better reach, the destination within the required timescale.
We provide comprehensive customization and consulting services, as well as training, to ensure full customer satisfaction

Our Products

120kW DC Charger

Product Number TP4-120-400

30kW Wall Mount

Rated power TP4-30-480

EO Basic

Power (KW) : 11kW & 22kW

We Import & Export With Major Companies Products

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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